The app to go do something fun, right now!

Say hello to Clickin.

The app that effortlessly connects you to people who want to meet up and do something fun. They could be your best friends, acquaintances or people you meet through Clickin. You decide who!

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Discover activities near you...

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... join activities that you like...

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... discuss and meetup

Start a new activity.

Start your own activity in 3 easy steps.

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  • 1Select a category.
  • 2describe your activity.
  • 3Finally just pick a time and date.

Get out of that chair and get away from that screen, go do something.

Meet up with old friends or someone new.
Have fun in real life instead of on social media.

Hey Britta, in the mood to play tennis today? 17:56
Britta Good idea, but where should we play then? :) 18:01
Location changed CityView Racquet Club Amsterdam